Commission for National Security, Salianji: Albania without any protection

The deputy of the Democratic Party, Ervin Salianji, spoke to the media after the conclusion of the Security Commission on cyber attacks.

Salianji said that in our country there is no security for data protection, even though millions of money have been spent on protection.

“There is no security for data protection even though millions of money have been spent. One of my concerns is that there is a breach of credibility for the state police. According to them, TIMS data are not sensitive, while for us they not only violate the trust, but also the privacy of citizens.

We still do not know today to what level the hacking went and how the hackers got into a closed system and how more than 200 million euros were spent. Let’s hope there are no other data. I don’t think there is any big secret today when everything has been leaked by Iranian hackers,” said Salianji.


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