World Bank: Albania will have the smallest economic growth in the region

The World Bank is presenting a report on the economy for the Western Balkans 2022. According to the report, the war in Ukraine has curbed economic growth, in 2022 economic growth is expected to reach 3.2%.

On the other hand, the World Bank’s economist in Albania, Hilda Shijaku, has emphasized that inflation has hit businesses as well as citizens.

She emphasized that Albania will have the smallest economic growth in the region. According to Shijaku, this will come as a result of the high level of price increase.

Inflation will continue to rise and this will affect the poor the most. This was reported today by Emanuel Salinas, the manager of the World Bank in Albania, at the conference on economic developments.

He emphasized that the economic uncertainty will continue to be present in the following months. According to Sliana, the government should be careful with spending and should pay attention to the most vulnerable people who are at risk of poverty.


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